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Trust Payments have the customer’s requirements and convenience at the heart of all of their solutions, so they were the obvious choice to facilitate our business development.”

Chakree Chankana

CEO, A&B General


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5 Essential Features You Need in Your Next Point-of-Sale System

Card machines have evolved into powerful devices that do much more than simply process in-store payments. They are now an essential companion to merchants everywhere. Here are the five essential features that your POS system needs:

1. Multiple Payment Methods
Consumers no longer want to pay for goods and services with just cash or cards. E-wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are revolutionising the way that purchases are made, bringing the level of flexibility and convenience never before seen in the marketplace. Merchants need to be prepared to accept all types of mobile wallet and card payments.

2. Wireless Mobility
The ability to take the card machine wherever it’s needed increases the ease and flexibility of the purchase. This makes the device a great business companion for sole and mobile traders, as well as establishments looking to create a more intimate and personal shopping experience. Waiting in a queue for the till will become a thing of the past as shop assistants have the capability to bring the point-of-sale directly to the customer.

3. Seamless Connectivity
For merchants with card machines, poor connectivity can result in lost patience, customer drop-off, a transaction not being completed, and, ultimately, a poor relationship with consumers. Instant payments brought about by unwavering WiFi, Bluetooth or mobile network connection are a must-have for any business.

4. Beautiful, Branded Card Machines
Branded machines with full colour touchscreens are essential for merchants that want to present themselves as smart, slick and professional at the check-out. They’re a simple way to make a good impression on the customer and create a positive brand image.

5. Integrated Management Portal
POS machines should come with an intelligent management portal where merchants can track all of their transactions in a clear and simple-to-use format. Through the management portal, merchants should also be able to create insightful reports to help them to understand their payments and improve their processes to boost sales.

The three main reasons that merchants switch to TruST Payments

1. Our dedication to the business relationship
Each merchant is truly valued as a client or partner of TruST, as we strive to help you get the most from your payments system. We’ll assign a named, UK-based account manager to your account, who will make it their primary aim to help you power your commerce. We understand that the world of payments can be daunting and complicated at times, which is why we ensure that our Support team are always on hand to help you. As the longest-serving team in the company, their expertise is unrivalled in the industry, and will help you to benefit from the full working capacity of our services.

2. Flexible solutions to match your requirements
The world of business has never been in such a state of flux. New customer challenges, business models and even industries are developing at a breath-taking rate. TruST Payments adopt a more nimble and flexible approach to our merchants’ needs, which sets us apart from the industry-leading juggernauts that don’t have the capability to provide bespoke solutions. Our vertical-specific teams of payments experts work with each potential merchant to asses their business model and their goals for the future, and work out the right payments strategy to help them to achieve this.

3. All of your payment services under one roof
For an entire payments ecosystem to work well, a number of independent components need to work together seamlessly. With combined payment gateway and merchant acquiring services, as well as a full suite of omnichannel payment options, TruST have all of the tools for merchants to create a slick and efficient integrated payments system. With a single point of contact for all of your payments infrastructure, you can focus on running your business, and leave us to take care of the customer’s payment journey.

What is PSD2 and how will merchants benefit?

On September 14th new EU legislation will be passed to tighten regulations on how customers’ payments and card data are handled. This legislation is known as PSD2 (second Payment Service Directive). 3D Secure 2.0, a new specification of authentication procedure, will be widely integrated into payment providers’ payment systems, and merchants stand to benefit in four key ways:

Stronger authentication

3Ds 2.0 gives merchants another essential tool in the fight against fraud. By authenticating legitimate transactions using more data touchpoints and biometrics, merchants will deny more fraudulent transactions.

Improved customer experience

3D Secure 2.0 looks to remove the friction that often causes consumers to abandon their purchase. The new version of 3DS makes use of biometric authentication where possible, thereby eliminating reliance on static passwords that often take two or three attempts to remember. By making use of authentication data such as fingerprints, facial recognition and iris scanning, the process is much less clunky than before.

Multi-device support

The original 3D Secure was devised in a pre-smartphone era, and was designed for browser-based transactions. 3D Secure 2.0 will allow seamless authentication for both app-based and mobile wallet purchases – a long overdue amendment given the rise of mobile commerce since the conception of the original 3D Secure.

Opt-out option

Merchants now have the option of turning on a non-challenge mode in special cases where they want to use their own risk models to approve or decline a transaction. Of course, merchants take on the liability risk if these purchases end up being fraudulent, but this method of bypassing the authentication procedure will ensure a smoother and faster shopping experience for their trusted customers.

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